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AK Press, worker-run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles out of Oakland, California. Check out their amazing inventory, including our book, online at the AKPress Website.

Resource Toolkits Project!


Around this time last year, folks involved in The Icarus Project’s website community came up with the idea that maybe there could be some standing posts that list diverse resources on different topics relating to radical mental health, healing, and activism. The working name for this idea was “The Toolkits Project” and various topics were selected to begin working on - crisis, coming off of or reducing psychiatric drugs and resources for mutual aid organizing. A thread was made on the forums and the project was so easy to envision, so obviously a fantastic idea. People said, “Yes! This would be very helpful, to have a lot of topic related resources gathered into one easily accessed location!”


「精神薬から離脱するためのハームリダクション・ガイド」の翻訳は、Madness Radio にもゆかりある松王強、松王誠・裕子、Richard Sadowsky、浜島恭子、山本眞理、Mika Jarmusz チームが行っています。レイアウトはSeth Kadish
冊子印刷(用紙サイズは legal)用のリンクはこちらです。



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