Study On How "It's An Illness Like Any Other" Approach Increases Stigma and Discrimination


A definitive article from a mainstream psychiatric journal revealing research that shows promoting the 'mental illness is a disease like any other' message, popular with Big Pharma, actually increases stigma and discrimination, not reduces it.

MIND-UK Study on How People Come Off Psych Drugs


MIND, the leading mental health charity in the UK, published this detailed study on how people experience coming off psychiatric drugs. Because they learned how unhelpful doctors can be, they changed their policy and no longer recommend people try to come off drugs only with their doctor's approval.

Download the MIND Study here.


"Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences: British Psychological Society"


Despite the intimidating title, this is a very clearly written report, with input from people who've been through the system, of what is know and not known about 'mental illness.' Though it doesn't recognize the dangers of the 'atypical' drugs, the report is a great, solid-research antidote to biased info coming from Big Pharma and mainstream medical model psychiatry.


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