New Alternative DSM Zine out from Icarus member unraveled


I am proud to announce the long awaited release of the zine “Depictions of Self-Identified Madness: A Visionary Alternative to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”. The zine is a collection of over thirteen self portraits created by individuals who self identify as having madness, mental health issues, or as being a psychiatric survivors. Accompanying their self portraits are their responses to questions about their experiences.

(A small group of) friends make the best medicine

For the past few months, myself and a few NYC Icaristas have been quietly conducting an experiment around alternatives for running peer-support groups according to the model suggested by Friends Make the Best Medicine. Four of us have been meeting regularly, as a part of a closed group of committed participants, according to a model that I am proposing to call "Icarus Cells".

Call us Crazy: article from The Dominion


Forum member fluidity published this article in The Dominion: News from the Grassroots. Please go there are grab the PDFs if you want print-ready vewing.


People are Mad. And they’re doing something about it.

Mental health awareness is gradually gaining ground, and so are radical alternatives to mainstream approaches. Community-based initiatives by and for the so-called crazies amongst us tend to be kept under the radar in Canada, challenging discrimination, providing peer support and advocating for a diversity of perspectives on mental health, its treatment and justice.

Grassroots movements around mental health have a rich and often unacknowledged history, with many activities falling under the relatively recent name of Mad Pride. The movement is also sometimes called the C/S/X movement, which stands for Consumers (of mental health services), Survivors (of the psychiatric system), and eX-patients (who have moved on to live outside the mental health services systems).



(Illustration by Emily Davidson)


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