Madness Radio Kickstarter Campaign -- SUCCESSFUL!

UPDATE: On January 2 2013 Madness Radio reached its Kickstarter goal -- we raised $23,796 for new shows in 2013 and a Madness Radio book! 193 people donated -- including many people who are part of The Icarus Project community. This has been an incredible showing of community mobilization for Madness Radio's first fundraising effort ever. THANKS to everyone who contributed, shared on Facebook and around the internet, and spread the word to make the campaign a success!  If you haven't heard Madness Radio listen online to one of more than 100 shows here, and join the Madness Radio Facebook for updates here.) - Will Hall, Producer, and Leah Harris, Technical Director

Madness Radio needs your support!

Please join the crowdsourcing funding effort on Kickstarter and support more Madness Radio episodes in 2013 and a Madness Radio book of interviews.

Click here to join the Kickstarter:

Madness Radio is co-sponsored by Icarus and longtime Icarista Will Hall has been hosting and producing shows since 2005. This is Madness Radio's first fundraising effort ever and we can't continue with shows without funding for 2013. We're also doing a Madness Radio book of interviews to reach even more people.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Madness Radio over the years, the guests and listeners and the many Icarus members and co-conspirators who have been interviewed on the show. Now is the time -- please join the effort to keep Madness Radio's voices and visions on the air. Mad love and appreciation everyone -- Will Hall, Madness Radio host

New German Translations of Icarus Project Writings!


In November of 2012 the AKPsychiatriekritik [] will publish a German version of the Hurting Yourself Zine and an Zine with mixed writings from different Icarus Project publications combined with autobiographical texts of members and friends of the AKPsychiatriekritik about experiences with crisis and psychiatry. 

On 10 Years of The Icarus Project


On a hot September day Sascha and I traveled back to something both mythical and real. I took him to visit a giant old oak tree with articulate arms, poised in mid-dance under an even more giant sky. I had painted this tree years ago for an Icarus publication; it's the final image in a graphic sequence where a flock of birds lifts off the telephone wires, disappear as stars, and land back in the branches of this particular oak tree. The upper right panel of the graphic states in big capital letters “You Are Not Alone.” As we sat on the bench underneath the tree plotting out potential goals for the next 10 years of Icarus, a flock of doves alighted on the exact same branch as in the painting...

Coming Off Medications Guide - In Bosnian/Croatian!

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs was recently translated in Bosnian!

Sarajevo's Metanoia group brings together visionary professionals, psychology students, and people diagnosed with extreme states to change mental health treatments and community response. Icarista Will Hall recently visited to support their work.

You can download the new guide here

Get in touch with the group in Sarajevo on facebook here

Update:Croatia's activist and support group Ludruga just published a Croatian version. You can download it here; printer version is here.  : 

10 Years of The Icarus Project: Reflections & The Second Generation of Icaristas


The Icarus Project is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. With this milestone comes the great realization that we, the groups that have come since, are the second generation of Icaristas. We have taken the foundation that Sascha and Jacks have laid and we have run with it. And run with it far we have!

Balancing Acts: Building Accountable Communities of Care


Maryse writes about radical mental health, healing justice, Icarus history, OWS organizing, peer support, and holding each other and our movements accountable with love.



There is a reckoning period, I think, early on in the political life of most organizers. It's a moment when we realize the enormity of the harm done, the systems that work to continue this harm, and the endless struggle required to uproot this cycle of oppression and violence. That realization hits us hard and heavy. For me, for years, I walked around with a weight, a hopelessness where my only defense was to keep fighting back. Where the way me and my friends dealt with George W. Bush, Abu Ghraib, the police state surrounding us during the 2004 Republican National Convention was to just keep moving, to bottle up all the pain and anger and let that drive us into more organizing, more meetings, more workshops. We worked from a place of deep suspicion of any system or institution, seeking to create our own alternatives rather than work within them.


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