Study On How "It's An Illness Like Any Other" Approach Increases Stigma and Discrimination


A definitive article from a mainstream psychiatric journal revealing research that shows promoting the 'mental illness is a disease like any other' message, popular with Big Pharma, actually increases stigma and discrimination, not reduces it.

"Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences: British Psychological Society"


Despite the intimidating title, this is a very clearly written report, with input from people who've been through the system, of what is know and not known about 'mental illness.' Though it doesn't recognize the dangers of the 'atypical' drugs, the report is a great, solid-research antidote to biased info coming from Big Pharma and mainstream medical model psychiatry.

Campaign for a New Diagnosis in the DSM: World Domination Disorder


The DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the 'yellow pages' of mental illness diagnosis, has an online page inviting people to suggest new mental illnesses for its upcoming fifth edition. Join an international campaign to log in to the DSM site and add World Domination Disorder, with the case study based on one example: George Bush. You can spread this url:

Extreme Wisdom: Using Process Work to Discover Meaning in Difficult States of Mind


Process Work is a strange and wonderful way of looking at and interacting with people and the world, developed by Arnold Mindell and his colleagues around the globe. Process Work can be applied to all aspects of human experience, including dreams, physical symptoms, relationships, music, creativity, extreme states of consciousness, death and dying, comas, conflict, group dynamics, and world issues.

A Hypodermic Shot to the Heart: Harm reduction basics and visions for survivor-led change


Harm reduction (HR) is a process of immediately reducing the harm to one's self and others, free of judgment and outside coercion. It is a philosophy and working/living style that acknowledges that we are not forever our current behaviors, addictions, vices or negative thought patterns and that our lives are guided by states of change - from infancy to adolescence, adulthood to old age.


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