Survey: Mad Parenting


Parenthood can be a uniquely isolating experience under the best of circumstances, but for those of us from underrepresented groups within the dominant culture, parenthood can be fraught  with, what often feels like, insurmountable difficulties. We would like to reach out to our community again for help in further defining what it is that mad parents and parents of mad children need to form solid communities of support and to gain skills to help each other navigate these often treacherous waters.

Mad Pride, Creative Maladjustment, and Mad Cartographies


The Icarus Project has long been associated with the Mad Pride movement, though individual members may or may not associate themselves with the word Mad, or feel any particular sense of pride in relation to experiences of what might be called madness. Organizationaly, The Icarus Project has edged away from the language of Mad Pride, in an effort to be inclusive of those who may not identify as Mad.

Reportback from The Website Team


The website of The Icarus Project  is roughly a decade old, has largely not been funded and has been the digital duct tape that has held the online community together in marvelous ways. A new web team has been hired to bring the site up to date with today's technological requirements. This is where we are at.

Whisper Rapture: Bonfire Madigan Shive and Ken Paul Rosenthal on Cultivating Beauty, Supporting Community, and Liberation Through Art


Folks who have been involved with the radical mental health movement for a while are likely familiar with filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal’s work. His film Crooked Beauty has helped to tell the story of The Icarus Project by weaving Jacks McNamara’s personal narrative with poetically visualized images of a stunning and broken world that is ever-striving to heal itself. Inspired by Bonfire Madigan Shive, one of the original catalysts of The Icarus Project, whose voice, music, and being helped to galvanize the vision of an international network of wild-hearted explorers of the space between brilliance and madness, Rosenthal  is setting the roaring intricacies of Madigan’s voice and cello compositions to the larger landscape of a boldly soaring, crashing and trembling world.


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