Numark NS7 - Take DJing To A Complete New Intensity

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Everything I might say is "wow" (wonderful product). Previous to the Numark NS7 I owned the dn-hs5500 which was hip but the ns7 clouts it out of the world and in my opinion blows away the DNS-3700 also. I was a touch disbelieving about serato ITCH, however after trying it (took me a second to get used to it) I greatly doubt I will be going back to VDJ) possibly except for videos.

Like the other critic said I guess a MAC PC would be the route to take. I tried a PC with XP and the Numark NS7 worked very well (PC-Vista froze one or two times for roughly 2 - 5 secs and continued functioning but you do not plan that to surface while DJ'ing live).