suicidal ideation 2.0, queer community leadership, and staying alive anyway


One of my friends said, what should we do? Should we have regular red flag check ins with each other, the way we do about relationships? Should I go up to you and ask, Have you been thinking about killing yourself lately? And I thought, if anyone came at me saying, HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING YOURSELF LATELY?, I'd automatically lie and say hell no. The way I have to every single doctor, social worker and most therapists in my life.  I don't want anything I can prevent on my permanent record, and I definitely don't want Danger to Self or Others. I've been fighting this my whole life, and I've seen the oppression and hardness that that label can mean to folks in my life who've had it.


But if you normalized it. Because it is normal. This secret. That so many of us wrestle with suicidality. Then maybe, maybe just maybe I'd tell you where it was at. 


And maybe we could map the terrain of those ideation places better.

Poll: Madness & Oppression: Resistance and Resilience


The Icarus Project is looking for volunteers to work as a focus group to further analyze the intersection of madness and oppression for our upcoming Mad Mapping guide. In this instance, we aim to explore ways in which we can cope with oppression, and how to join our collective forces to mitigate and overcome oppression in our communities. If you are navigating, or have navigated, an experience of oppression due to racism, gender identity, sexual orientation, ableism, sexism, size, age, and/or socioeconomic status, and you would like to volunteer to help us make a better resource, please participate by filling out the survey. All questions are optional!

Visionary Alternatives to the DSM


This is a call for submissions to a zine I am compiling, which will include self-portraits and descriptions of one’s own madness/mental health issues as a DSM alternative. The idea for my zine is that labels like Bipolar I, Schizophrenia, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder are dehumanizing and cannot capture how beautiful and diverse and complex madness is. I want to create a translator from DSM to mad pride- sort of like an alternative guidebook for understanding madness rather than the DSM.

New German Translations of Icarus Project Writings!


In November of 2012 the AKPsychiatriekritik [] will publish a German version of the Hurting Yourself Zine and an Zine with mixed writings from different Icarus Project publications combined with autobiographical texts of members and friends of the AKPsychiatriekritik about experiences with crisis and psychiatry. 


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