coming off meds/withdrawal

Telepathy but not really, want it to end without psych meds

I'm telepathically communicating with my best friend slash person I wish was my lover, only its not real and he might kill me but he changed his mind, if its real. Now I heard I didn't change my mind, and then I heard I did. And I can't sleep.

Coming Off Medications Guide Second Edition!

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center five years ago, is now available in a revised edition!The new second edition has expanded Resources, scores of new collaborators and Advisors, new topics, more detail on the reducing and coming off process, and additional ideas for harm reduction and staying on medications.Thousands of people worldwide have used this Guide to help themselves and people they know become more empowered around medications, including coming off. Even professionals and mental health agency staff have been downloading the free guide, to fill gaps in their own knowledge and give to their clients. Now the Guide in its second edition is even better, incorporating reader feedback and new ideas.Download the Guide here.The Guide is Creative Commons copyright BY-NC-ND, meaning you have advance permission to copy, print, link, publish and share as much as you want!  


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