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「精神薬から離脱するためのハームリダクション・ガイド」の翻訳は、Madness Radio にもゆかりある松王強、松王誠・裕子、Richard Sadowsky、浜島恭子、山本眞理、Mika Jarmusz チームが行っています。レイアウトはSeth Kadish
冊子印刷(用紙サイズは legal)用のリンクはこちらです。


Coming Off Medications Guide - In Japanese!

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs was recently translated in Japanese!

Thanks to the amazing translation team of Madness Radio listeners Dr. Tsuyoshi Matsuo, Makoto and Yuko Matsuo, Richard Sadowsky, Kyoko Hamashima, Mari Yamamoto, and Mika Jarmusz, with layout support by Seth Kadish

You can download the new guide here.

Download the scrambled pages printer version here.

article on decolonizing ourselves: My comments on Indigenous excellence and seeing our own organic beauty, finally

We have been stupidized. Some believe that they are "more capable" than the rest of us, but the truth is, they have been highly privileged. They do not think through why some humans would be allowed to get to the places they are, while others, for some "nutty" reason, cannot, or will not. The article linked to touches on ways in which human beings are colonized into the world of stupidization (i.e. "citizenship"), and gives ideas for ways out of that maze. Via the free, online academic/public journal Decolonization (


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