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Gallatin/NYU Campus Icarus - A Student Organizer's Journal


Icarus on Campus: Charting the Course
In December 2008, a couple months and a winter break away from when my semester as an Icarus Intern actually began, a brainstorming meeting with our club’s academic advisor Brad Lewis yielded the following concepts. We discussed what “creating a culture” involves; in some ways that would be our mission. The previous semesters in which The Icarus Project slowly seeped into NYU’s student life led to the stage we found ourselves in this past winter. It was time to self-define, to clearly sort out what Campus Icarus meant, what kind of Icarus culture NYU’s community needed most and for which it would make space.

The Global Intifada

As a mad activist with an analysis of collective trauma, it seems painfully clear to me that my people, who have been so oppressed throughout history and most recently under Nazi Germany, are acting out the role of oppressor in the same way a traumatized individual will lash out and perpetuate the cycle of violence with the people in their life. In the same way that I’ve come to believe that the hardest and scariest parts of ourselves hold the secret keys to our problems, I think that politically the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the equivalent of our darkest fears and secrets. It’s as ugly as it gets and we have to stare it in the face and take action or else in the long run it will destroy anything good and just we are working towards.

Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin

Bipolar author goes from Rock Bottom to Rock ON! In "Lipstick and Thong in the Loony Bin" Courtney A. Walsh offers a survival story of hope healing and humor about the taboo subject of suicide. Pandora's Box? OPEN....

Gravel Angels and the Social Freak Brigade: The Icarus Project Comes to Virginia Tech

Icarus organizers Madigan Shive, Neil Gong, Sascha Scatter, Molly from Asheville, and Will Hall were invited to Virginia Tech to facilitate a dialog on mental health with students and other community members in the wake of the violent tragedy there... Includes photos and audio.


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