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Powerful article from a blogger: No More Fake News: College students easy targets for psychiatrickery

Psychiatry targets college students for destruction Sep22 by Jon Rappoport

Excerpts: "One out of five college students in the psychiatric pipeline.

"And this figure is going to increase, in the wake of “cautionary events” like the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Navy Yard shootings, which are being promoted as posters for earlier “mental-health interventions.”

"Watch for it. The “see something, say something” mantra of the DHS will cross over.

John 0.5

The life I would have liked to of had with you.  But I am broken and trying to fix myself on my own, it is hard and I have to fix myself on my own...  I don't even know if you were ever a possibility in reality.  But I had to try and tell you something.. 


Perhaps I need(ed) someone a little emotionally stronger than me to help me put myself back together into a better man.  But  I  don't know what I am really doing any more...


I just felt I had to tell you something.

John 0.4

 Another day , another hour, all my brain does is torment and ponder. 



John 0.3

I walk around with nice clothes on, my hair comed, my mustache trimmed and my face shaved,  yet inside I am a screaming mess,  waiting for something to happen in my environment, someone to cause a fight some where about anything, so I can just finally explode and let all the rage loose, let all my anixety,fear,frustration,worry, hopes and dreams just let loose .. and when the dust settles the blood dries up and everyone gets hauled off... someone stops and asks me , who are you and what happened.

Letting Insanity Speak - By Alix LeClair - The Rebirth of Campus Icarus at NYU

Alix LeClair wrote this beautiful paper for Brad Lewis' Mad Science/Mad Pride class at Gallatin last semester. She's interested in starting up a Campus Icarus group, in her words:"I really want to take the icarus project into reality in new york. I've been asking around at Gallatin and talking to people in my Mad Pride class about it, but you can write something on the website about how myself and some others are trying to get thecampus icarus at NYU started again.They can email me Ihave a lot of ideas but I can't put it into practice on my own and I'm scared about being a "leader" of anything, and I'm sure others will be interested if they only knew the group was there."  

Bay Area Icarus Hosts Community Discussion: An Integrative Approach to Madness

"If madness isn’t what biopsychiatry says it is, what is it? If we don’t agree with what biopsychiatry says, then we probably don’t agree with the treatment practices. For us to have some kind of intelligible answer to a first-year psychiatry intern who can tell you: it’s a brain disorder and every minute that it’s not being medicated, there’s irreparable damage being done.  The people who fund the research are the big phama companies that psychiatry represents.  A psychiatrist now can see 30-40 clients a day. Psychiatry says: this group of Icarus folks can sing Kumbaya all you want, but we own it.  I don’t believe that."

Suggestions on dealing with professional patronizers, with Diane Divoky and Peter Schrag

taking aim at the usual aim takers, these excerpts give ammo to the underdog and thier fledgling communities; and not merely for reform distraction--for authentic liberation strategy!

Campus Icarus Student Organizing Materials for Download


Campus Icarus student organizing materials, for downloading and printing:

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