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Campus Icarus student organizing materials, for downloading and printing:

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Gallatin/NYU Campus Icarus - A Student Organizer's Journal


Icarus on Campus: Charting the Course
In December 2008, a couple months and a winter break away from when my semester as an Icarus Intern actually began, a brainstorming meeting with our club’s academic advisor Brad Lewis yielded the following concepts. We discussed what “creating a culture” involves; in some ways that would be our mission. The previous semesters in which The Icarus Project slowly seeped into NYU’s student life led to the stage we found ourselves in this past winter. It was time to self-define, to clearly sort out what Campus Icarus meant, what kind of Icarus culture NYU’s community needed most and for which it would make space.

I’m Not Alone in My Struggle -- Writings From An NYU Icarus Intern


As an NYU student who has attempted suicide while at school, I know how important effective outreach is. And I know what isn’t working with the outreach that NYU has in place now. Not that it is ineffective—that is, of course, untrue. I’m sure there have been many, many students who have been reached through UCS and the Wellness Center. However, I also know that there is another large population that is completely turned off by the tactics used by the administration. If I exist, there have to be others like me. Those are the kids that Icarus at NYU aims to reach.


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