3 Reasons Why There are Many Custom Essays on Jane Austen

The life of Jane Austen is hardly literary stuff; she mostly led a sheltered existence. This isn’t reflected in her novels though. Was she a perceptive observer of other people? There are many custom essays that can answer that.
Austen is considered one of the beloved writers from the 19th century. Her witty observations on relationships and the social conventions on women during her time were unforgettable. Her appeal is so wide such that her novels have been adapted to the big screen and TV numerous times.

Wisdom from Pain, Learning fromThe Earth, And Living Fully

Throwing out a life I was blessed enough to have is so wasteful and unappreciative, throwing it out because I'm too scared to feel and too acknowledge? That is such bullshit. And as of right now, it's over. What precious and limited time I have to learn, to create, to love and have fun, and to learn from grief and pain. That's how wisdom is aqcuired after all. Wisdom isn't acuired through denying our ugly feelings, but from feeling them through. Pain and death have something to teach us. And I am learning from this season, through observing the earth growing through it's cycle of death, rebirth, and bloom



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