Crooked Beauty screening at the US Social Forum

Wednesday, July 23, 2010 at 1PM

AFSCME Building (basement of the Walker-Roehrig Building) 600 West Lafayette at Third Detroit, Michigan 
Event Info: (scroll down to Crooked Beauty) Google Map:, poem on mental illness - struggles with mental illness

“A little over four months ago I was in a mental hospital for about a month. In the U.S., mental illness is something not talked about and we are taught to feel a lot of shame around and feel that we are alone. For this reason I feel it is important to be open about mental illness. And so, I dedicate this poem to all of you who struggle with mental illness.”

Mental Gift
Poppin' pills daily - got me crazy,
insurance co-pays track me weighly.
Addictions got me locked in ways I never knew to be;
meekly evade the subliminal toxicity;
lifetime supply prescribed,
neatly packaged individually;
separate and alone,
I watch my mind disengage to the beat of a metronome;
see through to the strings of the master
who controls the puppets dome.
Judgment cut by the
Moving through the motions
that the doctor diagnosed me.


Crooked Beauty Film w/ Icarus Co-Founder Ashley McNamara Premieres!

Crooked Beauty is a documentary film on the experiences of Icarus co-founder Ashley McNamara set to powerful visual images. The documentary is premiering at San Francisco's Cinematheque on April 17, at 9pm! For more info, and to see the trailer online, go to Facebook event page:


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