Crooked Beauty Film w/ Icarus Co-Founder Ashley McNamara Premieres!

Crooked Beauty is a documentary film on the experiences of Icarus co-founder Ashley McNamara set to powerful visual images. The documentary is premiering at San Francisco's Cinematheque on April 17, at 9pm! For more info, and to see the trailer online, go to Facebook event page:

Icarus at Reelabilities Film Festival in NY

The second annual Reelabilities film festival was held this past weekend in the NY metropolitan area. The festival’s mission statement cites “dedication to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities.” In addition to award-winning films the weekend’s events included discussions and other special programs intended to “bring together the community to explore, discuss and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.”

Video: "Perceptions of Reality"--Indigenous wisdom 101 with John Trudell at Univ. of Wisconsin

Here, if this works, is the infamous John Trudell speaking about being crazy and using our creative intelligence to escape the ways our minds are colonized. Deep and inspiring for those of us easily overwhelmed and uncertain about where to head now that we're starting to see the realities of our own situations! Enjoy!

The Icarus Project Late Summer 2009 Update

River swimming, cross country touring, backyard (vegan) barbecuing,
bicycle rambling, gardening/ harvesting/ gleaning -- summer is here. Late summer, to be precise, which is the fifth season in chinese medicine, with a tempo and mood all its own. The Icarus Project has been spreading and connecting, swarming and flowing in multiple omni-directions over the past four months, gathering and connecting a community of radical-minded visionaries to change the world and nurture mental wellness. Here's a recap and some website art as we enter the last few weeks of glorious summer and welcome the coming fall...


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