Mad Love in San Francisco on Valentine's Day!!

Bay Area Icarus was revived last summer, and we are officially full of surging, irreverent life.   We held our first event on Valentine's Day--Mad Love.  We had an open mic, a skilled MC, a cabaret of musicians and poets, and the evening skyrocketed to a close with the Brass Liberation Orchestra.
If you were there, you know.  If not, read on!  Almost as good. :)

Leave us people alone!

(Song to the tune of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall')
We don’t need any medication
We don’t need any thought control
No psycho study in our art room
Psychiatrists, leave us people alone!
All in all just another wrong to us all.
All in all just another wrong to us all.
We don’t need their shots of ugly
We don’t need their nasty array
Psychiatrists. Leave us people alone!



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