John 0.5

The life I would have liked to of had with you.  But I am broken and trying to fix myself on my own, it is hard and I have to fix myself on my own...  I don't even know if you were ever a possibility in reality.  But I had to try and tell you something.. 


Perhaps I need(ed) someone a little emotionally stronger than me to help me put myself back together into a better man.  But  I  don't know what I am really doing any more...


I just felt I had to tell you something.

John 0.4

 Another day , another hour, all my brain does is torment and ponder. 



John 0.3

I walk around with nice clothes on, my hair comed, my mustache trimmed and my face shaved,  yet inside I am a screaming mess,  waiting for something to happen in my environment, someone to cause a fight some where about anything, so I can just finally explode and let all the rage loose, let all my anixety,fear,frustration,worry, hopes and dreams just let loose .. and when the dust settles the blood dries up and everyone gets hauled off... someone stops and asks me , who are you and what happened.

Mad Stories and Wild Songs: An Open Mic Night

Share your stories of mental health/illness, experiences with the mental health industry, tools for individual and community healing, and dreams of liberation. Bring songs, poems, stories, friends.
Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Portland, Oregon
This event is the kick-off for a new icarus project, a weekly radical mental support group. If you're interested in being part of that but can't make this event, e-mail River at or Julia at
Art: Christy. C. Road

Mad Gifts Art Show - Opening Reception!

On the evening of November 5th at Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ, The Icarus Project’s Mad Gifts Art Show debuted. It proved an environment akin to the community from which it was borne: namely, an open, diverse, and creatively warm group of people. Many came specifically to support Icarus and see Mad Gifts – traveling from New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia and other surrounding Northeastern areas – but the event also garnered locals who stumbled into the evening – sidetracked by the warm energy after acquiring their usual caffeine fix. The evening included spoken word, live music, and of course the perusing of the many inspired pieces adorning the café’s walls.


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