Doctors and Food

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Food has become just as much of a medicine as my psychiatrist has.  Every two weeks a menu is drafted by me.  Natural food, whole wheat pasta, no red meat, poultry occasionally, and some fish, dairy, too.  My cat  just jumped up blocking the screen for a moment.  I must kiss the length of her spine.  There.  She is purring and sitting nicely.  The meds are sometimes rather depressing.  Eating good food makes me feel like a whole person.  Not one who was diagnosed manic depressive 34 years ago.  The idea of food as a supplement to my health has been reeeeeeeal.  When I eat I feel like a normal person.  No thoughts of my doctor or my therapist.  Only me and the food and the company I keep.  Eating is something that can be shared easily.  The preparation of it always gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  I never stop taking the meds, but always enjoy my food.  Wouldn't it be great if my prescription was to have a salmon dinner tonight and a yogurt in the morning?